Prynt Stealer available for $100 per month

Experts have stumbled upon yet another piece of malware that has joined the ranks of dangerous info-stealers. Named Prynt Stealer, the malware provides operators with rich functionality, including a keylogger and clipboard monitoring.

Prynt Stealer is capable of attacking a wide range of popular browsers, instant messengers, and gaming applications. Also, the malware does an excellent job of compromising financial information.

The authors of Prynt Stealer give their child a subscription: $100 per month, $200 per quarter, and $700 per year. You can also purchase a lifetime license for $900.

Moreover, buyers are provided with a separate malware builder with which they can create custom malware that can bypass detection on the victim’s device.

Prynt Stealer License
Prynt Stealer License

Cyble analysts studied the new cyberthreat, noting that when developing Prynt Stealer, the priority of the authors was given to the secrecy of the program. For example, binary obfuscation and Rijndael encrypted strings can testify to this.

Also, all command and control servers (C2) of the attackers are encrypted using AES256, and the AppData directory, which is used to temporarily store stolen data, is hidden along with subfolders.

Having penetrated the victim’s device, the info-stealer starts scanning all disks, trying to find documents, database files, source codes, and images there, the size of which does not exceed 5 KB. After that, the malware is mistaken for autofill, credentials, bank cards, search history, and cookies stored in browsers.

Next, Prynt Stealer goes through messengers like Discord, Pidgin, and Telegram, and also tries to pull out Discord tokens. Save files in video games and gamer account information on Ubisoft Uplay, Steam, and Minecraft systems are also of interest to the malware. Infostealer is also capable of stealing information from FileZilla, OpenVPN, NordVPN, and ProtonVPN.

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