Google Launches iPhone-style App Privacy Labels For Android

Google is slowly introducing a new “Data Safety” section to its Android app store, the Play Store. In this section, software developers should list what kind of user data they collect.

Data Safety will be a great source of information to help users decide whether or not to trust specific Android apps. Moreover, it is interesting that developers should indicate what data they collect and what information they share with third parties.

Data collected
Data Shared
Users can learn more about this or that item if it is of interest.

Another feature of Data Safety is of interest: for each application, the developer will report on the protective mechanisms he used when creating the software. In addition, best practices for protecting mobile devices like the MASVS standard will be considered.

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In addition, a new section of the Google Play Store will indicate whether the application follows the Google Play Families Policy, which directly relates to the safety of underage Android mobile device owners.

Since Data Safety is being introduced gradually, some users will not immediately see the innovation in the store. In this case, you will have to wait for a little.

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