About us

The story of the Loaris company began back in 2008 when Eugene Loaris, a young student from Sofia University, was just about to finish preparing his graduate thesis on cyber security. He turned on the PC and discovered some pseudo program that acted pretty close to some primitive anti-virus that kept bombarding the screen with intrusive fake alerts. The problem is that that program did not let him open the main Microsoft Word file of the graduate thesis. This blockage was also related to all other applications with the *.exe extension. Plus, he did not have any backup of his work that would let him restore the essential data. It looked like he had to repair his PC with an almost empty toolbox because none of his existing anti-viruses could start, and they failed to detect the malware in the first place.

Several months of hard work, research, analysis, and even typing the text for the graduate thesis of Eugene Loaris seemed to have passed in vain simply because of that only program that blocked access to Microsoft Word and other essential applications. Yet, Eugene was not a man of despair. For several days and even nights, he researched this problem and how to bypass the blockage. Finally, the solution was found at some local PC-dedicated forum hosted in a completely different part of the world.

After successful manual removal of the virus, Eugene realized that solely theoretical analysis of cyber security at the university was not enough to become a profound specialist in this field. This computer problem helped Eugene enrich his graduate thesis with practical application on the example of a particular computer affected by malware.

Upon successful graduation, Eugene continued their analysis of computers and leaks in cyber security that could damage them. He finally became passionate about developing a program that would automatically identify malware threats without the need to perform any long-lasting manipulations. This is the way Trojan Remover came into existence.

At first, Trojan Remover was pretty simple, still helping to remove the large variety of rogue applications of a similar kind. Yet, as time goes by, various new sophisticated malware samples are elaborated by cyber frauds. As a result, Loaris Trojan Remover is now inspired by human minds who realize the challenges and requirements in computer security. As a result, the program now looks much different from how it initially looked. Yet, more important is that its ability to defend your PC will not let your computer down.