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PartiZAN32 Ransomware

PartiZAN32 Ransomware

What is PartiZAN32? PartiZAN32 is a type of ransomware from the Xorist family. It was identified by our team through an analysis of samples from the VirusTotal website. This malware encrypts files and adds a unique extension (“.xqwertzuioplkjhgfyxcvbnmD”) to the affected filenames, along with changing the desktop wallpaper. The ransomware creates two ransom notes: one…

WATZ Ransomware

Watz Virus (.watz File) Ransomware

The Watz virus belongs to the STOP/Djvu ransomware family and targets Windows PCs. Watz can encrypt your files and change original names to files with a “.Watz” extension. Also, it is leaving a ransom note named “readme.txt” in some folders. Known as one of the most powerful types of malware, the Watz virus successfully blocks…

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