Stormous Sells 161 GB of Data Stolen From Coca-Cola

A new message about the hack has appeared on the Stormous Ransomware Telegram channel – an ambitious group claims to have hacked Coca-Cola servers and stole 161 GB of data. This information is up for sale on the darknet, with a ridiculous price for wholesale — about 1.65 bitcoins (a little over $64,000).

Earlier, a survey was conducted among the participants of the Telegram chat – they were asked to choose a target for the next attack. The majority voted for Coca-Cola, and now the owners of the account (marked as fraudulent) have declared that the order hack was successful.

Stormous ransomware
Stormous Ransomware

It also announced the opening of a store in the Tor network where it will be possible to buy stolen data – wholesale and retail, and only the results of attacks on large companies. In other cases, the drain will continue as before, that is, access to the databases will remain free.

There are currently 13 files of various sizes for sale on the new onion site, with a total value of $64,396.67 (1.6467000 bitcoin). Potential buyers are encouraged to contact the seller, who is willing to provide evidence of the authenticity of the goods. Unfortunately, the author of the SecurityAffairs note could not verify this: the darknet site was unavailable.

Grouping Stormous(or Stormus), showed up on the Internet in the middle of last year. The team positions itself as a group of Arabic-speaking hackers and, until recently, was mainly engaged in the defacement of sites. The attackers themselves claim that they also steal information and encrypt files, but information security researchers have not yet found evidence of this (with the exception of Trend Micro, which discovered a sample of malware with backdoor and encryptor functions)

This year, Stormous has become even more active in PR, leaking stolen data. Experts believe that these publications are mainly the results of previous leaks and the work of other hackers, which the fame-hungry cybergroup simply appropriated (in the information security community, such plagiarists even came up with a special name for such plagiarists – scavenger, junk people). However, it is possible that having gained fame, Stormous will begin to confirm its reputation with real attacks.

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