QUAL Virus

Qual Virus (.qual File) Ransomware

The Qual virus belongs to the STOP/Djvu ransomware family and targets Windows PCs. Qual can encrypt your files and change original names to files with a “.Qual” extension. Also, it is leaving a ransom note named “readme.txt” in some folders. Known as one of the most powerful types of malware, the Qual virus successfully blocks…

PartiZAN32 Ransomware

PartiZAN32 Ransomware

What is PartiZAN32? PartiZAN32 is a type of ransomware from the Xorist family. It was identified by our team through an analysis of samples from the VirusTotal website. This malware encrypts files and adds a unique extension (“.xqwertzuioplkjhgfyxcvbnmD”) to the affected filenames, along with changing the desktop wallpaper. The ransomware creates two ransom notes: one…

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