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MANW Virus Ransomware (.MANW Files)

MANW Virus Ransomware (.manw File) – How To Remove?

MANW virus belongs to one of the most widespread ransomware-type malware families – STOP/Djvu. It gets into your computer, encrypts your files (to MANW file), and adds a ransom note (readme.txt file) in each folder with ciphered files. Malware is considered one of the most dangerous since it can counteract different ways of file recovery….

Roblox ransomware

Ransomware sell decryptor in Roblox Game Pass store

The MalwareHunterTeam has discovered a new ransomware sample built with the Chaos builder. The malware, called WannaFriendMe, is remarkable in that it offers to buy a Roblox game pass for the currency accepted on this online platform as a ransom. The Roblox platform is very popular with children, who get the opportunity to create their…

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